Tips and Tricks for Visiting Silver Dollar City (part 1)


I was knee-high to a grasshopper when I first went to Silver Dollar City. I have many fun and fond memories that were created there! It was there, that my husband (boyfriend back then) bought me Dippin Dots on our first unofficial date and also there that both of my kids rode their first roller coaster!

I am an old fashioned gal and I love that Silver Dollar City celebrates the old-fashioned ways! From candle making to pottery, it can all be found in its shanty like stores. The shows are always top notch! And don’t even get me started on the food! If you don’t love it, you must be in the wrong park!

Here are a few things that I have learned over the years going to Silver Dollar City.

Get there early!

Silver Dollar City has a “Park Opening Ceremony” every day that the park is open. In this ceremony, the National Anthem is played and past war veterans are recognized for their service. Every time I go and watch this display of patriotism, my chest fills with pride that America is my home! The ceremony takes place 15 minutes before the park officially opens. Give yourself extra time to get there…the incoming traffic can be crazy and you never know when you will catch a tram to take you to the park’s entrance.


Grab a map or download the app!

I personally like the paper map over the Silver Dollar City App but I can see the benefit of both. With the paper map, you can navigate throughout the park with ease, there are also large maps placed throughout the park to assist you if you become lost. The SDC app will tell you the wait time for rides, which can be helpful but not guaranteed to be completely accurate.

Silver Dollar City with small children.

Amusement parks with small children can be challenging but one thing I love most about SDC is that it is a family park! There are changing tables in every bathroom and they even have Family Restrooms! This is a big thing for me because I am uneasy about sending either of my kids to the restroom by themselves. And for nursing mothers, there are nursing stations (look for the smiley face on your paper map) located in certain areas of the park!

As a mother of two children, the first place we head for, after arriving at the park, is the Measuring Station (Located in the Grand Exposition near the mini rollercoaster entrance). Here they will measure your kids and give them color-coded bracelets and a matching flyer so that you know which rides your kids can ride! Not only that, but it will also have your phone number on it in case your child wanders away from you. This saved us so much time and heartache in the end…but go there first because the lines can get quite long.

Places you will want to visit with small children:

  • Firemans Landing
  • The Grand Exposition (tucked behind the swings are rides perfect for little littles. E8 on your paper map.)
  • Homestead Ridge
  • Riverblast
  • Flooded Mines (Warning: Its dark in there)
  • Half Dollar Holler
  • Train Depot (There are robbers but they are friendly and put on a fun show. Have something the kids can give to them, a piece of candy or gum.)

Saving money on food.

Like all amusement parks, SDC food can be quite expensive for a family! We have found ways of saving money on food when visiting SDC and here are our tips…

  • Carry an empty water bottle. The restaurants will gladly fill it for you, once you are in the park.
  • Pack a brown bag lunch. We have a small soft-shelled cooler that we pack with sandwiches, Lunchables, or even sandwich wraps in. We easily save between $30-50 each time we do this.
  • Pack snacks. I try to pack something special, something we don’t get all the time… it helps to calm all the cravings you get by smelling the yummy food around you!

Spending money on food in a smart way.

So, SDC has commemorative mugs that you can purchase for around $15 and this ensures you a refillable mug at a discounted price all year long…for that year, anyway! Years ago, my husband and I bought one…unbeknownst to us that mugs after that year would be dated and only good for the purchased year…so, we lucked out and have a mug that may have a cracked outer shell but is still accepted for a discounted rate. We treasure that mug! If you find an SDC mug at a garage sale or even on eBay…make sure that they are not expired. You can clarify this by reading the fine print that is normally found under the mugs handle.

On average a meal for one is going to cost you upwards of $10. If you are a season pass holder, make sure to show them your pass so you can get a discount on your meal!

To be continued…


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