Who is Busy B Life?


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My name is Katie and I am a proud homeschool mom of two! I love having an active role in my kids’ lives and education! We are always on the go and have so much fun just being together! We try to live life in an uncomplicated manner. I enjoy living in the Midwest and have lived here all of my life!

What fuels me…

My Beautiful Family

My daughter B is a sweet pre-tween who is always smiling and creating new things! My son D is full of laughter and is interested in all things LEGO! And my husband S is my rock! We have been married for 12 years and are as in love today as we were when we first got married.


I have always been a virtual learner and so it comes only natural for me to be a photographer. My dream job would involve me traveling around the world and photographing people… Or be a blogger. 😉 I look forward to visiting all of the countries that are on my bucket list. One of which would be Colombia. Bogota, Colombia is my husband’s hometown! I have heard wonderful stories about Colombia for 15 years… I look forward to going to the place that my husband loves so much. I have a wanderlust spirit and have a hard time when we aren’t able to go and explore this wonderful planet we call home.


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