The Little Lady Next Door

“Who is mowing on a day like today?” I asked myself as I looked out my window to see my 90-year-old neighbor pushing her small lawn mower. The temps were close to 80 and definitely not ideal for her to be doing such a task. I took it upon myself to go next door and remind her of exactly that. As soon as she saw me she let go of the mowers handle and gave me a grin that only a child in trouble could emulate. She amazes me! Nothing keeps her down! She is always smiling and speaking life into anyone who will stay long enough to listen. I aspire to be like her not when I am that age but every day I exist on this earth.

I remember the first time I met her! We had been searching for a house to purchase and finally found one in an older part of town. The house we wanted was being inspected and like any first-time buyer, we were present to get as much information as possible. As we waited for the inspector to crawl out from under the house, she emerged out of her backyard where she was obviously tending to something in the backyard. My husband and I took it upon ourselves to ask her a few questions about the neighborhood and her neighbors (the owners of the house we intended to buy). With a grin on her face and a sweet disposition, she sold us on all of the above. Miss G stole our hearts and made me excited about having a grandma-lady next door. Five years later she continues to charm me with her words and actions.

I have learned that we are slowly losing our heritage by not passing on information. Miss G is an avid writer and has documented all of her life in journals. She is ever ready with an entertaining story from her past and I love hearing her stories! Once she approached me with a request, she needed someone to type up a few of her stories…I felt blessed to oblige her with this request. After receiving the typed copies, she proceeded to distribute her stories to friends and family by mail.

Her yard is as squeaky clean as her house, garage, shed…etc. Everything she owns is lovingly cared for! How she is able to keep up with so much is a mystery to me. She cares about what she has with passion and a sense of responsibility. Unlike most Americans, whose waste is astounding…we no longer fix things but throw them out without a second thought. Her generation finds it hard to throw away something that could be repaired and used for many more years to come. Talk about recycling!

The biggest thing I have learned from Miss G is her love for God. It flows over to everyone she meets. Her heart is so in love with her Heavenly Father and it reflects in her smile which consumes her whole face. She is a bright light that will not be snuffed out. She once told me that she had someone come and help her with something and while they waited for it to be taken care of…she saw an opportunity to tell them about the Lord. What a passion! If I learn nothing more from her, I pray that it will be that, to always be ready to share about our Heavenly Father in a moments notice.

Miss G is a part of our family and an inspiration to me on a daily basis! I am so thankful for such a loving neighbor and a great example of what growing old with grace truly looks like.




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