The Capitol of Arkansas breaks out in praise.

America. What makes you so great or not so great? I know that the story of “America” varies with each individual. I am proud to be an American. I have respect for our flag and what the forefathers of this great nation stood for. I hold the freedoms of speech and the freedom to worship near and dear to my heart.
I love the story of how William Bradford and ninety of his fellow Pilgrims took such a long, cold, and deadly transatlantic trip to the New World. They had one thing on their mind, freedom. Freedom to worship their heavenly Father. Freedom to train their children in a way that would please God.
So in respect of all the lives that have fought to keep our nation free. I freely teach my children that the flag is to be respected, and when the national anthem plays we stand at attention with our hands placed over our hearts.We pray for the President (no matter who holds the title) because he/she needs Divine intervention, sometimes. ( A great read:

Prayers That Changed History: From Christopher Columbus to Helen Keller, how God used 25 people to change the world)

They know The Pledge of Allegiance and can sing (most) of The Star Spangled Banner, because the words “One Nation under God” and “In God is our Trust” are important. Our forefathers knew that God was the key to their success. After all, “What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”- Romans 8:31
I would be doing my children a great disservice if I didn’t show and teach respect for the freedom America has given. Because if you don’t respect and love something, you won’t fight when it is threatened.
A friend of mine shared a video of Pastor Appreciation Week in Arkansas’ capitol. When I saw this video, I became so proud of the freedom to worship! This is what our nation needs, not stricter gun rules, not a larger wall…we need God. I hope you enjoy it as well



One of my favorite things to buy on Amazon..

I love Amazon! Who doesn’t? Its so easy. Find the item you need, click buy, and its at your door in a few days. What’s not to love?

My husband and I became members with Amazon Prime ages ago and really enjoy all the perks of being a member. For me, free shipping is right at the top of my list of positives!

My latest favorite purchase from Amazon isĀ Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science.

I have always been a fan of Louie Giglio! When I found out he was writing a children’s book…well, I jumped on that wagon right away!

It is a beautifully illustrated hardback book full of colorful illustrations. I love how Mr. Giglio brings fun and interesting scientific facts and intertwine them with God’s word. My entire family enjoys reading it together as a devotional. After we do our devotional, we YouTube the interesting facts that were mentioned to add to the adventure.



If you decide to buy this amazing book, please consider finding it by clicking on the pictures above or the title below. These are affiliated links and I do receive a little something for sharing it. I only share the things I absolutely love and know you will as well.

Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science

Thank you and God bless.

Flu/Cold Home Remedy

It’s that time of the year, again!

You know the time of year I am referring to, right? The time of year when you make a run to the local “everything” store to buy tissues, vitamin C and whatever will ensure you a good nights sleep.

Ah, yes, now you are with me! The infamous flu season!

I wanted to share with you my “go to” when I start feeling the “dreaded yuck” coming on. Its something that I whip up and share with my family when I hear any moans or groans about someone having a soar throat or a cough.


  • local honey
  • ginger (fresh or grounded)
  • ground cinnamon


The following instructions are for a single serving…

Pour one cup of apple juice and stir in a pinch (around 1/8 tsp) of ginger and cinnamon.


Heat your yummy concoction on your stove top in a pan or in the microwave in a microwave safe cup.

After the mixture of apple juice, ginger and cinnamon is warm, add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and honey to your liking.


It tastes like apple cider and is a great way to get more vitamin C in.

I hope you give it a try!