0-5 Multiplication Pages Giveaway!

My daughter really struggled to memorize her multiplication tables! One of the biggest factors that played in her struggle was…of all things…skip counting! She could skip count to a catchy tune like a pro but sit her down to a page of multiplication and she would take HOURS to finish it! “Why is that?”, you may ask. Well, she would have to sing her way all the way through the skip counting song until she reached the answer for EVERY single problem.

This became a very big struggle! So, I forbade her to sing any of the skip counting songs anymore and instead, we started from 0x0 and worked our way through the multiplication tables. Day in day out…she would concentrate on one multiplication table until it was mastered…then we carried on to the next.

Because of our struggle, I decided to create these fun multiplication pages for others to use as well! Download your copy for free… here!

Display 2

Purchase our multiplication set that includes numbers 0-15 here.


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