10 Things I Believe Every Homeschooling Momma Needs!

I have to admit that one of my favorite things in life is office supplies! Who doesn’t love the smell of a brand new box of crayons? I sometimes have to hold back the urge to buy new art supplies on a yearly bases because let’s be honest…I still have everything I need…from last year!

As a Homeschooling Mom, I have my staple items that I HAVE to have on hand at all times! These are the top ten items I MUST HAVE at hand all year long!

A Reliable Printer

I have purchased many different printers in the past and without fail….I end up finding out that it eats papers or the ink is astronomical in cost! The only printer I have had any success with is my Brother brand printer. I have had this printer for 6+ years and have had nothing but good luck!

Inexpensive Ink

I know what you are thinking….”Is there such a thing?” If the words inexpensive ink is a new phrase for you, allow me to enlighten you even more! I hate spending money on ink! I cringe when someone says they spent $50+ on ink for their printer!

After a little searching on Amazon, I discovered out that there are several companies that make generic ink cartridges for my printer! For only $20 I can buy enough ink for a years worth of printing! That made this penny pinching mommy happy!


I use my laminator ALL of the time! It’s true! I use it to laminate important spreadsheets that the kids use in school, chore lists, game sheets…etc. I use it for anything and everything that we may use multiple times. The reason why is because once you laminate something, it becomes a mini dry erase board! I have even laminated white card stock to make them into mini dry erase boards for a class! The laminator I use is from Amazon Basics. There really isn’t anything too special about it but it was cheap and fulfills my laminating needs!

Quality Laminating Pouches

Once you buy a good quality laminating pouches, you will never go back to the cheaper ones! I don’t normally buy the more expensive version of anything! Unless, I really see the need. When I found out that the thicker laminating pouches worked better with dry erase markers, I decided to give it a try. It proved to be true! 5 mil laminating pouches are exactly what I need for all of our homeschooling needs!

Wet-erase Markers

I know you have heard about dry-erase markers but allow me to tell you about wet-erase markers! I love wet-erase markers for the simple reason that they cannot be rubbed away with the simple brush of a sleeve! I use wet-erase markers for my monthly whiteboard calendar and for laminated worksheets! Need to erase something? Simply grab a wet rag or paper towel and you are set!

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com


Now, this may be an obvious staple for homeschooling. (Don’t judge me for my play on words.) But I said that I would list all of the things that I MUST have and a stapler made that list! I use it all the time and think every homeschooling momma should have one!


I love homeschooling in the modern days while holding on to the classic approach! I am a visual learner as are my kids and the days I do not have the capability of creating a science project…sometimes YouTube is my solution. I don’t have a smart TV but with the Google Chromecast…I feel like I do. I simply have to cast the video from my computer or phone onto the TV and voila! Houston, we have liftoff!

Paper Trimmer

I can not cut a straight line to save my life! No, seriously! If I were put on a guillotine and the only way they were to let me go would be if I could cut a paper in half by a single straight line…heads would roll. Thankfully, I have a paper trimmer! Recently, my paper trimmer helped me through the agonizing task of cutting 20+ pages of words that came with my son’s curriculum! It took almost two hours but I am thankful I did not have to do it by hand!


Now, I know this really does not fall under the category of “school supplies” but I seriously don’t know what I would do if I did not have a crockpot bubbling in the background! I love my crockpots…yes, that is plural! I love to bake but don’t necessarily love to cook… or the time it takes to do so. I enjoy the flexibility of throwing something in the crockpot as I walk out the door and finding it finished when I come home.

Library Card

Can you honestly call yourself a homeschooling momma if you don’t have a library card? I am kidding of course but I do use my library card A LOT! We do not have the financial blessing of being able to purchase all of the books my children read in a year…so, we find all of our latest adventures on our local libraries shelves! Not to mention it is a great place to just get away to!

I hope you find this list helpful. Please comment on what “homeschool” items you cannot live without! I’d love to add to my collection!


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