Cultivating a Love for Art

Why is Art so Important?

Art is hands down, my favorite subject. Art teaches us a lot about history and is always a fun way to approach other subjects. I don’t know about yours, but my kids are visual learners. I have found this to be true for most children of this generation! Art is a great alternative to watching tv or playing on a tablet! Yes, it may make a mess…but that is just something I have learned to embrace and it provides a great opportunity for your kids to learn how to clean up after themselves! It’s a win-win situation!

How can you make art part of your everyday work?

If you are studying a certain topic or even a certain era this year, look into artwork that was created during that time period! History is one of my favorite ways to connect back with famous artwork. If American history is what you are studying this year, look up famous American artist! For instance, if you are learning about George Washington, a quick search on Google search entitled Washington Crossing the Delaware River may lead you to this interesting blog post.

Visit Museums

My family loves visiting museums! Now, most of you may think museums and children don’t mix…but I disagree. I think visiting a museum is a great place to teach your children how to be respectful of the things around them. Most museums have special areas devoted to younger viewers. I have been delighted to find that most of the museums I have visited have a special area for their smaller visitors to touch, color, and experience art in a fun way!

Museums Via Google

Don’t have the time or patience to go to a museum? Try googling famous museums and take a click stroll through their corridors. My kids recently visited the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, via Google Earth. I loved hearing their excitement when they found da Vinci’s, Mona Lisa!

Enroll in a Local Art Class

I love finding local homeschool moms or even businesses that are catering to the homeschool community! If you are not a big fan of art but want your kids to be… ask around! Chances are that you have a friend who has knowledge on a homeschool mom that shares her love for art at the local library once a week or even a business who offers a discounted art class! Can’t find anything like this? Reach out to a local art studio or museum and see if they would be interested in starting an opportunity like this. Be a trailblazer for other homeschool moms!


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