Encouraging Young Readers

Teaching a child to read can be very difficult for some and for others it is a walk in the park. I have two kids and both have taken very different roads in their reading journey. Here are six tips that I have found helpful in teaching both of my wonderful kiddos!

Libraries are so much fun!

Make reading an exciting event! Go to your local library and encourage your child to pick out a few books with topics that they are interested in. While they do so, take time to pick out read aloud books that will captivate your entire family. Enjoying reading as a family helps cultivate that love of learning together. A great audiobook is sometimes the perfect way to keep your kiddos busy on a long car ride. Try to make visiting your local library a weekly occurrence!

Read along!

From the time that my children were very little, I would put my finger on the page I was reading from and glide it along as I read the words. This helps your children to start recognizing the words from a very early age. As they grew older and were starting to read, I would pass the task to them. I would pace myself to their reading skills, if their finger lingered or somehow got lost in the lines, I will pause and help guide them back to our place.

Don’t just read a book once!

Reading a book over and over is very helpful in building their vocabulary. If they struggled with a certain book, revisit that same book a few books later. This will give them time to grow in their struggles, and allow them to see how far they have come!

Include a sound curriculum!

I have found that it is beneficial to have a language curriculum to coincide with their daily reading! It has made a world of difference for both of my children! My current favorite is The Good and The Beautiful. It is beautifully illustrated and very structured!

Books on the ready.

I have to admit I am a little bit of a book hoarder! I have books everywhere! They are readily available for my children to pick up and read on a whim! In my home, I have always had a bookshelf devoted to my kiddos! The bottom two shelves of any bookshelf I own is filled with kid-friendly books! I almost always have a book packed for them, whether to keep them busy on a long trip or an event where I know they may become bored. Christmas day, there is always a book for each child wrapped under the tree.

Encourage by example.

I have learned that if I have an area in my life that I don’t like but want my kids to be a better version in…I try not to voice my dislike. Hearing those negative words can discourage them from even trying! Encourage them to be better readers, even if you don’t like to read. Try! Find something that interests you and let them see you reading! This will encourage them to do the same! So, pick up a book today!


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