Our Schooling Choice…

DSC_8477Homeschooling seems to be picking up speed, becoming a very common choice for families in the Midwest and around the country. I was homeschooled from day one and am thankful that my parents chose that direction for me. It was exactly what I needed. I know homeschooling isn’t possible for most families. I know many who found it was not the right fit for them, but for my family, it is exactly what we need for this season of our lives.

It hasn’t always been easy and many, many times, I have thought about how our lives would be if I sent my kids to public school. Why? Because financially it seems like that is the right thing to do, it would be easier. But each time God meets me in that difficult season. He has provided for us to continue to homeschool and I know He will continue to do so.

Why do I homeschool?

Because I truly believe that this is the path God has paved for us. I love that both of my children can learn in the method that works best for them, whether that is audible, hands-on or visually, I can adapt anything to their specific need.

I love that my children are able to study the Bible and Biblical principles, outside of Church, on a daily basis. Now, you might be thinking “they can do all of that and go to public school…” and you could be perfectly right in thinking so. I know a lot of families that are able to do exactly that and their kids are thriving both in school and in their spiritual life.

I just know what I want for my children and I know that public school won’t supply my vision for them.


What curriculums/programs have I used?

I have used all of the below listed curriculums at one point or another and each served its purpose for that season of life.

Using a curriculum that glorifies God is a HUGE plus but exploring God’s creation is an equally amazing plus! I think teaching my kids through travel and life experiences is a great blessing for us! I love sharing in the excitement of new things with them. Teaching them life skills from a Godly perspective is such a beautiful thing for me!


Will I homeschool through high school?

That is my intention. I don’t know what tomorrow will hold but I know who holds it and I know that in every season of our lives God will direct our steps.

What about college?

Did you know that colleges are actively accepting homeschooled students?

It’s true! I have several friends that have children in college or have children who have completed college. After which, they continued to have successful careers even though they were homeschooled.

Check out Annie: https://www.annieandeverything.com/

She has great advice for parents who are homeschooling through high school.


How do I make it through the difficult days?

Prayer, friends, family and an assurance in my Heavenly Father.

My husband is my sounding board when things get rocky…he helps me keep a level head and points me back to our Heavenly Father on a daily basis.

I, also, have an active group of homeschooling momma friends and public school friends. It’s a blessing to have such great friends. I know I can reach out to them anytime. They often confirm that they are struggling too and that none of their lives are perfect, no matter how good it looks like on social media.

Do you have homeschooling questions? What are they?



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